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Affiliate Program Overview

The Elite Detergent Affiliate Program pays a referral fee for every paying Elite member that you refer. We not only pay you a one time for each affiliate that you sign up, but every month they pay their membership fee you get a residual check each month. Also when the affiliate drives traffic to the site and a order is placed and paid, you get 35% commission of company net profit on sales through their website.

* To be a Affiliate pay $199.95 enrollment fee and make a purchase of $50.00 a month to be active.

Pay Structure:

$199.95 enrollment fee.
The affiliate that referred the new enrolled member will be paid a fast start bonus of $50.00.

$50.00 monthly membership fee.
The affiliate that referred the member will be paid 10% of the monthly membership fee, which is $5.00 each month.

All affiliate's that maintain their monthly membership fee, will be paid 35% commission of company net profit on all sales processed through their website.

Ready to get started?
Just complete these two steps.

Step 1) Click Here to pay the $199.95 enrollment fee and sign up for the $50/month auto-shipment of products.
Step 2) Click here to sign up to enter your affiliate information into our system.